With over 35 years’ dance history, Jess Mohi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes.

Starting her career in cabaret & musical theatre Jess has worked throughout her native New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Africa and the United States.


She has trained with the top Ballet and American Jazz teaches of her time and has been recognised for her talents with numerous awards and scholarships around the world.


Jess has directed SkysTheLimit Dance Co, appeared in music videos, TV Commercials, film and television along with 20 years teaching dance and in the fitness industry.

"I understand how hard this industry is and how much pressure we put on ourselves as dancers. I know we can be our biggest critics and struggle to keep the faith in pursuing something that means so much to us. And above all, I know how intimidating it can be going to class - regardless of your experience.


For that reason, I treat my studio as a retreat. A sanctuary where we all come together in a safe environment to learn, share and develop our love of dance. My studio welcomes positivity, encouragement, support and fosters growth, openness and courage.


If you NEED to dance, if you want a class that’s accepting, supportive and encouraging, and if you just can't help being Jazzie, then I would love to dance with you."

O2 Dance Studios
P: 0466 555 546