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Cancellation Policy

1. No refunds, exchanges, transfers and extensions for purchased classes. Please note the validation of each pass in its description. 

2. Cancellation cut off is 6 hours before class starts. 

3. If you cancel before the cut off period, unused class passes will be automatically added back to your account however no refunds nor cash credits will be issued. The expiry date of unused class passes remains unchanged. 

4. If you cancel after the cut off period, a class pass will be deducted for the missed visit.

5. An extension may only be granted if a valid medical certificate is provided. 

Please consider carefully before purchasing, thank you!



Please consider carefully before purchasing, thank you!


According to Covid's restrictions, Studio O1/stage can facilitate 50 people, studio O2 can facilitate 25 people, and studio O3 can facilitate 15 people.

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