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Dance Trainee Program - Season 2

Season 2: 23.09.2022 - 27.11.2022

Behind the scenes 

Check out what we did at the 2nd review session:

Final review session of Season 2:
(sweat and definitely tears!) 

Trainees feedback

“I learned so much and I grew so much more than I imagined I could... dance techniques, mentality, life lessons, performance techniques, teamwork "

- Jannice, 18

"The mentors were really nice and straightforward at the same time. No room for slacking and with this so much improvement can be seen with each performance we had"

- Bea, 19

"I learnt how to work together with other trainees and complete reviews as a team. Apart from just dance and performing, I have also learnt a lot of meaningful life lessons that have helped me as a growing person."

- Davina, 11

"The program met my expectations. I was able to dance for many hours, discover many dance styles and share my passion for K-Pop. The mentors are always listening to us and helping us to improve. I want to thank you all for taking care of us and sharing your passion. This programme has taught me a lot. I grow as a dancer and as a person. I was able to try many different styles of dance. I learn about hard work, commitment and teamwork.

I was able to meet wonderful people."

- Lola, 20

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